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​Crafty Canvas OK

Painting class 

2819 Epperly Dr., Del City, OK 73115  |  ​(855) 4-EASELS (432-7357)

Pablo Picasso said, "Everyone is born an artist.  The trick is remaining one once we grow up."

Crafty Canvas OK wants to give teens and tweens the chance to experience the calming effect of being creative as well.  ​There are many paintings in the gallery that will appeal to the younger demographic. Each painting is rated from 1 to 6.  These ratings are based on time and/or details in the painting.  To keep children interested and engaged, select a painting with a lower rating.  Many paintings can be incorporated into homeschool lessons based a theme or topic such as animals or even fine art.  Send us a message at craftycanvasok@gmail.com to start a dialogue about a theme or series that might interest you. 

These paintings are designed to take 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Minimum age is 6, or younger with parental guidance.  To keep Crafty Canvas OK affordable for parents/guardians, the children's pricing applies through age 18 and is designated as a kid/teen/tween event on the calendar.

Age 18+ Paint Parties

General Information - Kids/Teens/Tweens