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General Questions:

What are your age restrictions?  We don't have any age restrictions and we love to see teens/tweens paint.  Just keep their attention span and interest level in a painting in mind.  All public events are "family friendly" and alcohol free.  Per the ABLE Commission, BYOB is illegal in Oklahoma.  Others have the proper licensing and offer "sip and paint". We offer "dip and paint!"  Feel free to bring your own snacks or take out with you.  Occasionally we might feature salsa or other edible goodies made by local businesses.   The minimum for a private party is just FOUR people! Prices start at just $35 and depend on the canvas and add ons to your canvas such as LED lights.

Do you take walk ins?  During open studio time, walk-ins are welcome.  In order to provide a top notch experience for our customers, our canvases are pre-sketched/prepped.  Same day seating may be available, but we need warning to prep your canvas for you for a structured, scheduled event.  Just call us at 855-432-7357 or email us at craftycanvasOK@gmail.com.

Do you allow observers?  Studio seating is limited, so unless you're helping a small child at a kid-tastic event, everyone present must have a ticket to paint.

What is Open Studio
We offer Open Studio time in our studio first come-first served. Come on in and enjoy painting at your own pace. Start with a blank canvas or peruse one of our many stencils.  For $25 for a 16 x 20 canvas (or $15 for an 11 x 14) you have access to all of our supplies for a 2 to 3 hour block, without the instruction, but with help from our staff.

What if I have never painted before?
Fantastic! There is no experience necessary! You will have a great time and be very surprised with yourself while you tap into your dormant creative side!  Each canvas is presketched so you can stay inside the lines so to say or just go rogue!  This is not an art CLASS and creativity is encouraged.

What do I wear?

Our paint is water based an may be removed with isopropyl alcohol, however, don't wear your best finery due to the risk of paint. especially on elongated bell shaped sleeves.  If you wouldn't wear it around a stove, don't wear it to paint, LOL.

How long will it take to complete?

The painting time varies between each design and each is rated on a scale of 1 to 6.  The paintings on the lower end take between 90 minutes and 2 hours where as a 5 or a 6 painting will take closer to 2.5 or 3 hours.  Keep in mind, these event are parties and you will want to have time to set up, socialize mingle etc.

How much does this typically cost?
Events prices are listed on the calendar.  We are constantly adding new crafty experiences so prices will vary depending on the activity.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an event?
We try to accommodate your first choice of date and time. However, to avoid scheduling conflicts, We recommend contacting us at least a month in advance. Working on short notice? We will do my best to work with you. Just ask! 

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Just an ID to verify your registration or your confirmation on your smartphone. Otherwise, everything else is provided by me!

Refund policy

If your event is cancelled more than 72 hours in advance, all monies will be refunded.  If you cancel or are a no-show, your ticket will be transferred to another event of your choosing within the next 30 days.  Obviously weather can be a concern.  We want you to be safe to paint with us another day. We will follow whatever protocol the National Weather Service puts forth, keeping in mind that weather can be nice in one county and the next one over is under tornado watch.  We will be watching the weather in both Oklahoma and Canadian County.

Are tips expected?
While monetary tips are greatly appreciated, they are not required.

Offsite Events

What does the set up look like?
For all events each painter is provided with a canvas, table top easel, palette, brushes, paint, water cup, paper towels, and an apron.

What is provided versus what I need to provide?
Everything mentioned above is provided by me along with the raffle tickets and prizes to make sure your guests have a great time! All you need to provide are the tables, chairs, simple snacks, and refreshments.

What is the minimum/ maximum guests I need to host a party?
The minimum is 4 guests for a party. We can set up for as large as 32 with the help of an assistant (or two)! As mentioned above, make sure you have a large enough space.

How do guests pay?
Guests typically pay on line. This will guarantee their seats as and will give an accurate count to know exactly how many supplies to bring. The party minimum of 4  paid guests (not including yourself) must be met 1 week in advance or the party will be cancelled and money refunded or it can be rescheduled.

How do I use your services to host a FUNdraiser?
This is similar to hosting a private party. I provide all art supplies, materials, raffles, and prizes. You provide the location (if you need more than 12 seats), tables, chairs, snacks, and refreshments for your guests.  

If you have any questions,  just ask....or, in the words of Jerry Maguire:

Just the FAQs, ma'am...

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